Fall 2014 Blackboard & Google Apps Training Courses

Faculty who are looking for training in the use of Blackboard or Google Apps to support  teaching and learning are encouraged to enroll in our 1 credit, free professional development courses this fall.

All courses will be offered at the Milwaukee campus.

COMPSW-184-001 Google Apps for Online Teaching  (1 Credit)
Fri.  October 3rd  & October 17th , 9 AM – 3 PM  and online, Room M201A
Instructor: Mernathan Sykes

COMPSW-184-002 Google Apps for Online Teaching (1 Credit)
Fri. October 31 & November 14, 2014 from 9 AM – 3 PM and online,  Room M458
Instructor: Mernathan Sykes

COMPSW-197-001  Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)        
Fri. September 19th & 26th, 9 AM – 4 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Del Wakley

COMPSW-197-150  Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)    
Sat. October 18th, 25th, & November 1st  9 AM – 1 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Toshiba Adams

COMPSW-198-500  Intermediate Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)    
Tues.  October 7th & October 21, 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie Mckennie

COMPSW-199-500  Advanced Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)
Tues.  November 4th & 18th, 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie Mckennie


You may register for these classes online at INFOnline.  Please see our quick-guide “How to Register for Classes Online” or watch our tutorial video learn how this is done.

Blackboard Workshops at Oak Creek Campus: Coming Soon!

Faculty working at the Oak Creek campus who have questions about Blackboard or Google Apps are highly encouraged to attend these workshops in September and October, provided by your faculty peer support representative Doni Bartley!

Archive Process

Come to this session to learn how to perform the archive process to save a copy of your courses from last fall. This is important because last fall’s courses will bepermanently deleted from Blackboard on September 30th at 8AM (CST)

  • Date/Time:  Thursday September 25th, 2014;  1:00PM – 2:00 PM
  • Room:  A-214, Oak Creek Campus

 Ask the Trainer: Blackboard & Google Apps

Come to this open session to get your questions about Blackboard or Google Apps answered.

  • Date/Time:  Thursday October 9th, 2014; 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Room:  A-214, Oak Creek Campus

Webinar Series: How to Pair Courses through the McGraw-Hill Connect Building Block


McGraw-Hill’s Digital Success Team is hosting a faculty webinar series to demonstrate how to pair McGraw-Hill Connect and Blackboard Learn courses using the McGraw-Hill Connect building block. This will allow single-sign on access to Connect through a Blackboard Learn course, as well as automatic grade synchronization from Connect into the Blackboard Learn gradebook.

Let your faculty know about this great resource to kick off the school year. 

Webinar Schedule
September 10 at 2:00pm CT
September 15 at 1:00pm CT

Last Call for Last Fall – Archive FA2014 Courses Before End of September!

  Blackboard courses from last fall will be deleted September 30th!  


Download Your Course Files

Did you teach in the Fall of 2013? Be sure to download your FA2014 courses and Grade Center files before they are permanently deleted from Blackboard on September 30th at 8AM (CST).

Follow these instructions so that you have a copy of your course materials and grade center information for your future use:

 Best Practice for Saving Your Work 

If you do not have a “master copy” of your course permanently stored on the Blackboard system,  please complete the “Personal Master” request form and import your archived course file into it for future use and revision.


Due to the changes in username formats, servers, and service packs that have happened since June of 2013,  requests for old course archives may be time-consuming and restorations may be unsuccessful. Downloading an archive of your courses and grade centers NOW ensures that you will have easy access to them LATER!

Faculty and Student Blackboard Support 2014

Blackboard is MATC’s web-based learning environment. Although Blackboard is used in online courses as the primary means of course delivery, all faculty are required to post a course syllabus to all courses in Blackboard and make their courses are available to students. For face-to-face and blended courses, faculty may use Blackboard to support teaching and learning.

Getting Started Information

Minimum Technical Requirements http://goo.gl/iqZz1s
First Time Guide to Adding Syllabus http://goo.gl/ATZ49k
Faculty Tutorials and Request Forms http://edtechnews.matc.edu/bb_support
Blackboard TV – Video Tutorials http://www.youtube.com/user/BlackboardTV

Faculty Training Courses

If you are not familiar with using our Blackboard online learning environment, complete the three (3) Blackboard professional development courses. The Fall 2014 schedule of training courses is found at http://goo.gl/CXOjin.

Faculty Instructional Support

If you need to review how to use specific Blackboard tools or other educational technologies, see an instructional support faculty liaison for one-on-one assistance. See their Fall 2014 schedule here: http://goo.gl/Kv4WMC

Faculty Technical Support

For Blackboard questions that can be answered in 15 minutes or less, visit a Blackboard Faculty Support team member in the Milwaukee Campus’s Faculty Innovation Center during their Quick Help Hours:
Kameal LoveEducational Assistant – Pathways
lovek2@matc.edu 297-8937
Hours: 9-10 AM; 2–3 PM
Megan HamiltonEducational Assistant – Ed. Technology
hamiltml@matc.edu 297-8372
Hours: 10-11 AM; 3-4 PM

Student Support

Live Blackboard Orientation Sessions http://goo.gl/MC4dgI
Blackboard Online Orientation http://goo.gl/YhKdNV
Blackboard Login Help http://goo.gl/HdD7Ua or Help Desk 297-6541
Student Support Website http://ecampus.matc.edu/student_support/
Blackboard Mobile Technical Support http://goo.gl/EjP6qQ