Webinar Opportunity – Literacy Tools through the Read&Write Google Extension

Faculty who are interested in supporting literacy learning are invited to attend a free 1 hour webinar introducing a Google Chrome extension called Read&Write. With this extension installed, students may use powerful tools to:

  • Hear text from PDF and Google Docs documents read aloud with on-screen highlighting
  • Access translations and definitions of text
  • Create and listen to notes directly in Google Docs
  • Receive predictive suggestions for word choice as they type

Webinar Details  

“Looking for Great Literacy Tools for ALL Students? Milwaukee Public Schools Share Their Story With Read&Write for Google”

Tues. January 31st
3 PM to 4 PM (Central)
Click here to register and view on your own computer.

Google Apps Update – Drive

Set expiration dates for access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides files

Google has added a new feature to Google Drive.  According to Google, this new feature helps keep your organization’s information safe. Google is introducing the ability to set an “expiration date” for specific user access to files in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

For instance, imagine a student receives an incomplete in your course. To complete the course, the student needs to view a spreadsheet, doc, or presentation containing pertinent information about the course. Following this launch, you’ll be able to share docs, spreadsheets, and presentations with the student, give them view access-only, and set that access to expire at the end of the semester. If the student attempts to open the spreadsheet after the expiration date has passed, they’ll be denied access.

Please note that you’ll only be able to set expiration dates for users with comment or view access; you will not be able to set expiration dates for file owners or users with edit access.

Google Apps Updates – Calendar


Launch of Reminders for Google Calendar on the web

Google has announced that Reminders are now available in Google Calendar on the web.
New features:
Set a reminder for a specific time and date and get notified when it’s time. To create a reminder, tap on a time in the calendar grid, then select “Reminder.”
  • Reminders carry forward to the next day, until you mark them done. To mark a reminder as done, simply click on the reminder, and click ‘Mark as done’.
  • Reminders created in the Google app, Keep, and Inbox will also show in Google Calendar.
  • Reminders on the web will sync to your Google Calendar Android and iOS apps.

Please note:

  • Reminders are private to calendar owners and are not viewable, even if your calendar is shared with others.
  • Google Tasks users will not be prompted to use the Reminders feature. It can be enabled from the drop down menu on the Tasks calendar.


Google Apps & Tools

Free Online Event: Engaging Students with Free Web Tools

FREE Online Event: Transform Your Classroom with Google

Are you interested in using Google Apps and Tools in your classroom, but you’re not sure where to start? Join us at our upcoming free online event as our renowned experts share their favorite tips and tricks for integrating Google into your classroom.

FREE REGISTRATION – Click Here to Learn More

5 Must-See Google Topics:

  • Going Google: The Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Google Tools
  • Google Classroom: An Intro to Saving Time, Staying Organized, and Improving Communication
  • Make Google Forms Work for You!
  • Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs
  • Going Google: An Overview of Google’s iOS Apps


Fall 2014 Blackboard & Google Apps Training Courses

Faculty who are looking for training in the use of Blackboard or Google Apps to support  teaching and learning are encouraged to enroll in our 1 credit, free professional development courses this fall.

All courses will be offered at the Milwaukee campus.

COMPSW-184-001 Google Apps for Online Teaching  (1 Credit)
Fri.  October 3rd  & October 17th , 9 AM – 3 PM  and online, Room M201A
Instructor: Mernathan Sykes

COMPSW-184-002 Google Apps for Online Teaching (1 Credit)
Fri. October 31 & November 14, 2014 from 9 AM – 3 PM and online,  Room M458
Instructor: Mernathan Sykes

COMPSW-197-001  Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)        
Fri. September 19th & 26th, 9 AM – 4 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Del Wakley

COMPSW-197-150  Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)    
Sat. October 18th, 25th, & November 1st  9 AM – 1 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Toshiba Adams

COMPSW-198-500  Intermediate Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)    
Tues.  October 7th & October 21, 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie Mckennie

COMPSW-199-500  Advanced Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)
Tues.  November 4th & 18th, 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie Mckennie


You may register for these classes online at INFOnline.  Please see our quick-guide “How to Register for Classes Online” or watch our tutorial video learn how this is done.