Echo 360 Active Learning Event: It’s all in the Secret Sauce

The Echo 360 Active Learning Platform is the first cloud-based academic technology platform engineered to elevate student performance in the classroom and improve learning outcomes.

Come learn how Echo 360’s secret sauce helps instructors teach more effectively with real-time analytics on student behaviors, improved engagement through active learning to make teaching more joyful as well as increased study habits, comprehension, and overall scores for your students

Date:  Tuesday October 20th, 2015
Time:  11 AM – 12 PM & 1 PM – 2 PM
Location: Milwaukee Campus, Main building room M612

Refreshments will be provided.

Now Piloting – Echo 360 Active Learning Platform

MATC has begun a 1 year pilot of the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform, a tool for making instruction more efficient and student learning experiences more effective. Echo 360 is a comprehensive tool that allows you to upload a presentation, record lecture capture video, and poll students with a built in student response system. When students view your presentations, they make take their own notes, mark confusing content, and ask questions all within one convenient location.

How to Join the Pilot

If you are interested in participating in the pilot, please use our Echo 360 Request Form and associate of the Teaching and Learning Technology department will arrange for you to have an account. In the form, please indicate what courses you would like to use with Echo 360.

Where to Learn How to Use Echo 360

Once you are given an Echo 360 account and course shell, you will be enrolled in our Echo 360 pilot training site in Blackboard. We strongly recommend reviewing the site’s comprehensive training webinars and tutorials before getting started. Additional information is provided at the Echo 360 Online Help website.

For simple questions about using Echo 360, please use our Echo 360 Request Form.

Where Students Learn to Use Echo 360

Once you have paired an Echo 360 section with a course in Blackboard, students simply click the link that you provide to them to access Echo 360. For additional information, please see thestudent guide to using Echo 360.

Students may view the helpful tutorials and videos at the  Student Echo 360 Support website.

Instructor and Student Technical Support

Please contact Echo 360 directly at  or call 1-703-667-7500, ext. 2


Using YouTube to Host Videos and provide Video Captions

Videos that faculty have created themselves, where they retain copyright ownership, can be uploaded to their MATC YouTube account. YouTube is a free video service that all faculty have access to through MATC Google Apps for Education. By default, YouTube will upload videos no greater than 15 minutes long.  However, there is a way that you can increase your limit to 30 minutes. Also, YouTube allows you to add captions and transcripts to your videos. Please see the instructions to learn more about these processes.

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Viewing SCORM Content in Blackboard


 In Blackboard, faculty can upload SCORM Content into their course. SCORM refers to a set of technical standards that enable organizations to continue to use and reuse courseware [learning objects] even when computer technologies and operating systems change. Blackboard adheres to these standards [SCORM] making it SCORM-compliant. If you are or plan to in the near future upload SCORM Content (package) to your Blackboard course site please make note of the following:

Browser Settings (viewing SCORM content in Blackboard)

  • Internet Explorer version 9 or higher (recommend 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox version 16 or higher (recommend 20)
  • Google Chrome version 29
  • Adobe Flash Player 10

Disable all pop-up blockers:

  1. Internet Explorer>Tools>Pop-up Blocker>Turn off Pop-up Blocker
  2. Google Chrome>Customize and Control Google Chrome button (upper right corner of window (below X))>Settings>may need to click Show advanced settings…>Privacy>click Content Settings>Scroll down under Pop-Up>select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
  3. Mozilla Firefox>Tools>Options>Content>No check mark in box that reads Block Pop-Up Windows or click Exceptions button and type in Address of site text box and click Allow button.

Interactive Technical Skills Tutorials to Support Learning

desktop-iconTo support students learning in online and blended courses, we have compiled a list of interactive training resources to improve or enhance technical skills in four areas:  computer navigation, word processing, communication tools, and Internet usage.

Please feel free to share these training resources and videos with your students.

1. Computer Navigation Tutorials

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