Now Piloting – Echo 360 Active Learning Platform

MATC has begun a 1 year pilot of the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform, a tool for making instruction more efficient and student learning experiences more effective. Echo 360 is a comprehensive tool that allows you to upload a presentation, record lecture capture video, and poll students with a built in student response system. When students view your presentations, they make take their own notes, mark confusing content, and ask questions all within one convenient location.

How to Join the Pilot

If you are interested in participating in the pilot, please use our Echo 360 Request Form and associate of the Teaching and Learning Technology department will arrange for you to have an account. In the form, please indicate what courses you would like to use with Echo 360.

Where to Learn How to Use Echo 360

Once you are given an Echo 360 account and course shell, you will be enrolled in our Echo 360 pilot training site in Blackboard. We strongly recommend reviewing the site’s comprehensive training webinars and tutorials before getting started. Additional information is provided at the Echo 360 Online Help website.

For simple questions about using Echo 360, please use our Echo 360 Request Form.

Where Students Learn to Use Echo 360

Once you have paired an Echo 360 section with a course in Blackboard, students simply click the link that you provide to them to access Echo 360. For additional information, please see thestudent guide to using Echo 360.

Students may view the helpful tutorials and videos at the  Student Echo 360 Support website.

Instructor and Student Technical Support

Please contact Echo 360 directly at  or call 1-703-667-7500, ext. 2


[WEBINAR] echo 360: Are your students zoned out?


Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 10 AM CST

A University of Ottawa professor reveals his secrets to getting 99% class participation and improving learning outcomes in the process.

When Dr. Colin Montpetit, Assistant Professor of Science Education, decided to incorporate a student engagement solution into his large enrollment class with 3 sections of 200 students in each, the results were nothing short of remarkable. In his own words, his course became an “active learning zone” as student participation and classroom interaction soared.

Join Dr. Montpetit for this complimentary Webinar to hear his personal experience, research findings and tried and true teaching tips on:

How to make the most of student engagement systems and student devices.
Why increased student participation and engagement translates into student success.
How adding interactive questions to your digital presentations gives you real-time insight into student comprehension.

Who Should Attend: All Faculty especially those interested in using lecture capture software, and those that are interested in using technology to teach are highly encouraged to attend.



Get Blackboard and Camtasia Training this Summer!

Summer Blackboard & Camtasia Training

Teaching and Learning Technology will be offering a series of professional development courses at the Milwaukee Campus this summer. These classes are worth one (1) credit and are free to MATC faculty (no fee).   All courses are to be held at the Milwaukee Campus.  You may register for these classes online at INFOnline.  Please see our quick-guide “How to Register for Classes Online” or watch our tutorial video learn how this is done.

Course Schedule

COMPSW-181-400 Introduction to Camtasia (1 Credit)
Fri. June 14th & 21st, 9AM-12 PM and online,  Room M458
Instructor: Phil Leverault

COMPSW-197-400 Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)
Mon. June 3rd & Tues. June 4th, 9AM-4PM,  Room M458
Instructor: Del Wakley

COMPSW-197-402 Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  (1 Credit)
Thurs. August 1st, 8th, & 15th, 9AM -1PM,  Room M458
Instructor: Toshiba Adams

COMPSW-198-400 Intermediate Blackboard 9.x (1 Credit)
Tues. and Thurs. June 11th & 13th, 9 AM- 12 PM and online,  Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie McKennie

COMPSW-199-400 Advanced Blackboard 9.x (1 Credit)
Mon.  June 17th, & 24th, 9AM-12PM and online,  Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie McKennie

Tips for Creating Screencast Videos

Instructors have many tools at their disposal to create their own lecture capture videos to aid students in learning.  For example, there is PowerPoint 2010, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, and a host of iPad apps.  Regardless of the tool you use, it is best to start the recording process informed by a plan and best practice guidelines.   To help you plan your recording session, we recommend reviewing the many tips outlined in this article from Emerging EdTech called  “Dozens of Tips & Techniques for Creating High Quality Engaging Screencasts“.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

In a flipped classroom, the typical order of teaching is reversed. Students review lecture content outside the classroom using technologies, such as lecture capture video or podcasts, and class time is used for active learning activities. To learn more, watch this excellent video from Penn State University.

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