Webinar Opportunity – Literacy Tools through the Read&Write Google Extension

Faculty who are interested in supporting literacy learning are invited to attend a free 1 hour webinar introducing a Google Chrome extension called Read&Write. With this extension installed, students may use powerful tools to:

  • Hear text from PDF and Google Docs documents read aloud with on-screen highlighting
  • Access translations and definitions of text
  • Create and listen to notes directly in Google Docs
  • Receive predictive suggestions for word choice as they type

Webinar Details  

“Looking for Great Literacy Tools for ALL Students? Milwaukee Public Schools Share Their Story With Read&Write for Google”

Tues. January 31st
3 PM to 4 PM (Central)
Click here to register and view on your own computer.

Blackboard Learn+: Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Learning

Blackboard Learn+: Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Learning

A stand-alone course for instructors and content developers that explores what accessibility and universal design mean and how they can be applied to online learning.

This course is meant as a stepping off point for building online courses that are usable and accessible. The content is intended to inspire further exploration and advocacy for designing materials that benefit students and help them achieve their educational goals.

Go through the material presented at your own pace. There is no set order or dependencies. Use the Course Menu links to access the content and resources. The Syllabus gives you the course goals and suggested reading material. The Course Content is organized into four modules:

  • Universal Design
  • Accessibility
  • Assistive Technology
  • Learning Styles

Start off by watching the video Campus Leaders Talk About Accessibility, linked below, to gain a perspective of how executives are thinking about accessibility and what drives them to change. How can you use these ideas to promote accessibility at your institution? Feel free to share your experiences on the Discussion Board.

Flipped Classroom Webinar in M201A (Downtown Campus)

Join the Webinar

A complimentary webinar event sponsored by Echo360.

Thursday, 8 May at 10 AM CST

Dr. Russell Mumper, Vice Dean of the UNC at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy, shares the many ways using Echo360 to flip the classroom has changed his teaching approach and positively impacted the classroom dynamic.

Join us for this complimentary webinar and hear how Dr. Mumper conducted his three-year study on the flipped classroom. Learn:

  • Why Dr. Mumper chose flipping the classroom to make the most of class time and foster interaction
  • How the technology was selected to support the study
  • What changes were made to the course, and how the students responded
  • How flipping the class increased engagement, flipped their perception of how they learned, and increased exam scores by 5%
  • Lessons learned that will help other instructors interested in flipping their class

Talk amongst yourselves – Twitter users use #flippedclass to post your thoughts during the live event! http://echo360.com/news

Click here to RSVP!

 Russell Mumper, PhD (link to bio)

Distinguished Professor, UNC/NCSU Joint Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy @RJMumper

Resources for Windows 8

With the end of support for Microsoft XP on April 8th many of you may find yourself scrambling to learn Windows 8.  Below are some links to many resources that may help you navigate this new operating system.


Learning Revolution Conference Online and FREE

Our first-ever Learning Revolution Conference kicks off this coming Monday, April 21th, online and free, with a terrific set of keynote and distinguished speakers and a full day of conference sessions on Thursday, April 24th. The schedule is below.
Please forward to your friends and colleagues – this event is free! 

The LearningRevolution.com project has over 200 partner organizations and bridges schools, libraries, museums, and the work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. Our theme for this conference is “What Are We Learning About Learning?” As the Internet shifts the boundaries of when, where, and how we learn, we believe our learning worlds will increasingly overlap.

All sessions are recorded and the recordings are generally available within an hour of a session’s completion. Keynote recordings will be uploaded to the Learning Revolution YouTube channel. Mobile users will be able to connect to sessions by going to LearningRevolution.com on your mobile device. Live chat and help during the conference will be at theconferencelounge.me. Tweets with session reminders and links can be tracked at @learnrevproject. Volunteer moderators–we need you. Please sign up here! Wish you’d signed up to present a session? We’re still taking submissions for our May 1 Reinventing the Classroom conference here!

Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time. To see the schedule in your own time zone, with session descriptions and links to attend, please go to http://learningrevolution.com/page/attending-schedule.