Getting Started with Prezi

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Prezi is a free Web-based slide presentation program that is often used as an alternative to PowerPoint. In contrast to PowerPoint, which too often is overwrought with cramped text and unimaginative bullet points, one slide after another, Prezi focuses on conveying information in a more graphic, non-linear format.  Presentations are created using a blend of text and multimedia on an infinitely large canvas that can be zoomed and panned with your mouse, as if viewing locations on a map.   Prezi’s design tools are excellent for developing  a sense of flow and relationship between chunks of information. To get a better idea of how Prezi works, please see the embedded video below.

How to Get a Free Prezi Educator’s Account

You can sign up for your free Prezi EDU account by going to and following the instructions below.  Signing up for the free Edu Enjoy Prezi license gives instructors 500 MB of file-space for developing their presentations as well as premium support services.

  1. On the “Student/Teacher Verification” page, type your MATC e-mail address in the e-mail field and click “Continue”.
  2. Complete the “School Details” form and click “Continue”.
  3. A pop-up message will appear, telling you to check your MATC e-mail for a confirmation e-mail from Prezi. Please open the email and click on the link to complete the registration process; you will be taken to a form where you indicate your account details (i.e. password).
  4. You will then be able to log into Prezi to review the tutorials or create your own presentations.


Once you have set-up your Prezi account and logged in, you can start creating your own presentations. To learn about using Prezi’s tools, I recommend viewing their tutorial videos in the embedded video playlist below.

For tips on building an effective Prezi presentation, please see the 7 Best Practices for Making Great Prezi Presentations.

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