Managing the Move from Windows XP to Windows 7/8

Announcement Training and Webinars
A two part 90-minute webinar on February 19th @ 12 pm CST. Milwaukee Campus room M201A. RSVP now!
Microsoft and AppSense are teaming up to provide a special edition webinar on managing the move from Windows XP to Windows 7/8.Join us for this live webinar to better understand what your migration options are, and how to effectively secure your environment.
Attendees will learn the following and more:
  • What are the Windows XP end of life considerations?
  • Is it too late to start my migration?
  • How can I accelerate the migration to Windows 7/8 faster, cheaper, and keep my users happy?
  • How can I protect Windows XP from malware attacks such as CryptoLocker?
  • What can I do to adopt new back-end technologies without disrupting the user experience?
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