Mobile Apps for August 2012

Mobile Apps

Check out these great apps for adding new functionality to your mobile devices: Adobe Connect Mobile , Rover Flash Browser, and Molecular Probes 3D Cell Simulation.

Get the Adobe Connect Mobile HereGet the Rover Flash Browser HereGet the Molecular Probes 3D Cell Simulation App Here

Instructors and students using Adobe Connect to participate in web conferences and synchronous online presentations can now access these meetings from Apple, Android, or Blackberry devices.  Adobe Connect Mobile lets you host or join online meetings that were created by anyone with an Adobe Connect account.  Once the instructor signs into their Adobe Connect account and launches the meeting, he or she can share a slide presentation, enable screen-sharing, use collaboration tools, and more using this app.  Students don’t need an Adobe Connect account to join the meeting. All they need to join the meeting on a mobile device is the Adobe Connect Mobile app and the meeting URL Web address that the instructor shares with them.

The iPad does not natively support playback of Flash-based content nor will it ever. However, if Flash content is a necessity, there are many apps that are available to stream Flash-based content to your iPad through an intermediary service.   Rover is a highly rated free Flash browser developed specifically for streaming educational Flash content to your iPad.  Using the Rover app you can view content from any of the featured educational content providers that Rover has partnered with or access the Flash-based content that you want through the browser’s address bar.

Great for biology, biochemistry, and life science courses, Molecular Probes 3D Cell Simulation app lets you create your own stained cell images from over 250 samples.  Cells can be rotated and zoomed in on to view the full details of every structure. The app includes a complete video library and descriptions of cell components and products used to create specimens.