Mobile Apps for November 2012

Mobile Apps

Check out these great apps for reading QR-codes and eBooks and making mobile-friendly narrated presentations: NeoReader, Meograph, and Google Play Books.

Get NeoReader App HereGet Meograph HereGet the Google Play Books App Here

QR codes are all around us and NeoReader is your free universal tool to accessing the web content that they link to on your mobile device. Available for Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices, NeoReader can scan Data Matrix, QR Codes, Aztec Codes, and more. Once installed, you simply launch the app and take a picture of the code with your device.  NeoReader will instantly unlock the code’s content and display it to you.
Meograph is a rich digital storytelling tool that you can use to interactive presentations that incorporate a timeline, a Google Map, YouTube videos, links, images, and narration. It is an excellent tool for presenting topics in history, literature, and more. Meograph can be accessed on standard PCs as well as mobile Web browsers.  Stories created with Meograph can be shared through social media, embed code, and URL Web address.
If you would like access to over 2 million free eBooks, including scholarly publications, literary classics, and textbooks, consider trying Google Play Books, available for Apple and Android devices. Google Play Books  is a free digital library app that gives you access to books from libraries and prestigious universities from around the world. Similar to other eReader applications, Google Books allows you to build an infinite collection of online books that you can read anytime, at any place in its user-friendly reader interface.