Blackboard Webinar on Student Engagement Tools- Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Boards and Journals


You’re Invited!

Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series: 

Student Engagement Tools- Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Boards and Journals

When: Wednesday, June 18th 12:00 pm CST
Where: M201A Downtown Campus
Track: Collaboration and Assessing Learners
Presenter: Keely McDonough, Blackboard
Blackboard Learn offers four communication tools for self-reflection, collaboration and communication.  In this session Blackboard will discuss each tool and share examples.
When members of an online community direct their efforts toward a common goal, powerful connections are made.  Learners can achieve more through in-depth conversations, relationship building, and problem solving in a community.  Without a goal, connections, and conversations, there is no community.

3 Tips for Managing Your Discussion Board

Discussion: The Life of the Online Course

Discussion boards are excellent tools for facilitating conversations in your online courses.

Used in online and blended course environments, a discussion board can become a great resource for building a sense of community, sharing ideas, and creating a pool of knowledge that everyone in the class can use.

When students regularly contribute to a forum, it can become a lively arena for public discourse and social interaction, just bustling with information. To make managing a busy discussion board a little easier for instructors and students alike, we recommend implementing the following techniques. Continue reading