Winterim Faculty Guide to Preparing Courses

Because MATC’s campuses and support services are closed during the holiday break, we strongly advise faculty teaching Winterim semester courses to refer to these guidelines and resources.

Do Not Use Course Copy to Develop Courses

We strongly advise using the Archive and Import process of moving course materials from one section into another to avoid experiencing technical problems caused by Course Copy.

Support Resources

Faculty may use the tutorials and contact form on the Faculty Blackboard Support website.  Additional information to advise Winterim students is available here.

Students new to using Blackboard should review the Start Here page and Blackboard Student Orientation.  Students may use the tutorials and contact form on the Student Blackboard Support website.

Login Problems

Use the online Password Manager  to retrieve your login credentials or update an expired password.  If you can not use the Password Manager, create a ticket using the Help Desk’s online form to request assistance. The password to submit the request form is: MATC.

Resolving Common Technical Problems

  • Use the Browser Tester on Blackboard’s home page to check your technology’s settings and review the Resolving Common Browser Problems page for solutions.
  • Advise students using Google Chrome as their browser to update it to the latest version to prevent technical problems when taking tests in Blackboard.
  • If you see a “Module Information is Unavailable” message in Blackboard, see the workaround instructions here.
  • To troubleshoot content availability settings, use your course’s Student Preview Mode to see what students see.
  • For problems with publisher content, please contact your publisher’s technical support directly for assistance. We have compiled a list of publisher support resources here.

Blackboard Workshops at Oak Creek Campus: Coming Soon!

Faculty working at the Oak Creek campus who have questions about Blackboard or Google Apps are highly encouraged to attend these workshops in September and October, provided by your faculty peer support representative Doni Bartley!

Archive Process

Come to this session to learn how to perform the archive process to save a copy of your courses from last fall. This is important because last fall’s courses will bepermanently deleted from Blackboard on September 30th at 8AM (CST)

 Ask the Trainer: Blackboard & Google Apps

Come to this open session to get your questions about Blackboard or Google Apps answered.

Attend a Blackboard Workshop at South Campus in March

Blackboard: The Latest and GreatestFaculty working at the Oak Creek campus who have questions about the new Blackboard tools or Google Apps are highly encouraged to attend these workshops in March, provided by your faculty peer support representative Doni Bartley!

What’s new in Blackboard Workshop

Come learn about the new features of the latest Blackboard Update

  • Date/Time:  Wednesday March 5th, 2014    2 pm – 3 pm
  • Room:  A-110

Ask the Trainer Workshop

This is an open session in which you can ask Doni Bartley questions about Blackboard and/or Google Apps

  • Date/Time:  Wednesday March 19th, 2014    2 pm – 3 pm
  • Room:  A-110

For more information about these sessions, please contact:

Doni Bartley
Phone ext:  54511