5 Best Practices for More Effective Online Grading

Because the Grade Center comes equipped with several tools for tracking performance, providing feedback, and communicating with students, it is an ideal tool for streamlining the assessment and online grading process. A well organized and implemented Grade Center can be a powerful tool for supporting student success in the course. To boost the effectiveness of your online grading, we recommend following these 5 best practice tips for using the Grade Center in your courses. Continue reading

3 Tips for Managing Your Discussion Board

Discussion: The Life of the Online Course

Discussion boards are excellent tools for facilitating conversations in your online courses.

Used in online and blended course environments, a discussion board can become a great resource for building a sense of community, sharing ideas, and creating a pool of knowledge that everyone in the class can use.

When students regularly contribute to a forum, it can become a lively arena for public discourse and social interaction, just bustling with information. To make managing a busy discussion board a little easier for instructors and students alike, we recommend implementing the following techniques. Continue reading