Connected Educator’s Month: Free Webinars for Faculty

Throughout the month of August, the U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educators initiative will be providing opportunities for educators to participate in free webinars, forums, and other activities to learn about using technologies and strategies that enhance your teaching skills and improve student engagement in learning.   Continue reading

The Top 20 Educators to Follow on Twitter

Twitter LogoPopular and easy-to-use, Twitter has become a great communication and information sharing tool adopted by students and instructors alike. It is often used to promote awareness of news or events. It is also used to foster interaction, collaboration, and participation in the classroom and overall campus community. But using Twitter isn’t just for your students’ benefit. Instructors can use Twitter to foster their own professional development by developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN). The term may sound technical or mysterious, but it really isn’t that daunting. Simply put, a PLN is a group of friends or colleagues that you can refer to for guidance, support, and information. So really, it’s the time-tested classic skill of networking with the added benefit of online tools. Continue reading