Exporting Your Campus Pack Content

How do I Export Campus Pack Content?

Campus Pack content can be exported as website with a folder of associated attached files. Exported content can include comments or tags that were added by the authors and contributors of the content.  Please see our instructions here for more information or watch the demonstration video below:

Rethinking Wikis, Blogs, & Podcasts

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Rethinking Wikis, Blogs, & Podcasts

Due to low utilization of the Campus Pack wikis, blogs, and podcast tool within Blackboard, it has been decided that we can no longer offer this tool to faculty. Campus Pack will be unavailable starting on June 1st, 2014.

Alternative Tools for Wikis and Blogs

Faculty who used Campus Pack wikis or blogs in their courses are encouraged to use Blackboard’s native wiki and blog tools to re-create these gradable interactive activities in their courses. Please see these instructions:

Alternative Tool for Sharing Podcasts: Google Drive

Instructors who used Campus Pack to provide podcast lectures to their students are encouraged to download their audio or video podcast files and share them with their students through a shared Google Drive folder.  Google Drive is a virtual storage space associated with your MATC Gmail.  After you have saved your podcast files to your computer, you can upload your podcast files to a sharable folder in your Google Drive using these 6 simple steps:

Your students may download the podcast files from your shared Google Drive folder to view on their computer or mobile device. Files that are in .mp3 or .mp4 format can often be previewed directly in Google Drive using its in-browser playback tool.

 Need Help or Have Questions About Alternative Tools? 

What is a Flipped Classroom?

In a flipped classroom, the typical order of teaching is reversed. Students review lecture content outside the classroom using technologies, such as lecture capture video or podcasts, and class time is used for active learning activities. To learn more, watch this excellent video from Penn State University.

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Getting to Know Wikis, Blogs, and Podcasts

Campus Pack 4 Tools - Wikis, Blogs, and PodcastsMATC’s Blackboard learning management system is equipped with the Campus Pack building block, which provides instructors with special tools for adding your own wikis, blogs, and podcasts to online courses.

Through these interactive tools, you can create collaborative activities that engage students in learning as well as provide them with opportunities to develop professional skills in information communication technology and digital citizenship. Continue reading