Mobile Apps for July 2013

Check out these FREE  mobile apps as your one stop shop for cheap textbooks! TextbookMeCollegeBooks


Check out this FREE  mobile app that will keep your students organized! My Class Schedule allows you to enter your class schedule. Class Schedule is displayed  as a timetable so you will never miss another class!

Check out this mobile app that will help students avoid plagiarism and format works cited correctly by scanning the book bar-code, doesn’t get easier than that. Don’t want to pay for the mobile app then download this easy-to-use tool to your PC or iPad for free.

iPhone users

Android users

Mobile Apps for June 2012

Check out these great apps for adding new functionality to your mobile devices. This month, we have some social media, social learning, and student response system tools for you to check out: Twitpic, Xplana, and Socrative.