Connected Educator’s Month: Free Faculty Webinars

Throughout the month, the U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educators initiative will be providing opportunities for educators to take part in free webinars, forums, and other activities to stay connected to learning about using technologies and strategies that enhance teaching skills and improve student engagement in learning. The activities also give instructors a chance to […]

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Helping Students with Netiquette

To help your students become more successful when communicating in online courses,  we have created a document you can share with them called 7 Essential Rules of Netiquette. These guidelines highlight best practices for promoting academic and career professionalism when using online communications tools, such as e-mail, discussion boards, instant messenger,  video-calls, or social media.  

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Social Media Guidelines for Students and Faculty

Social media tools, such as Twitter, Google+, and blog platforms, have given educators and students another way to present and communicate information with each other online. Instructors often use these tools to develop learning communities, to collect content useful for research or class discussion, to develop online lessons connected to real-world applications, and as a […]

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