Getting Started with VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a Web-based program  that can be used to create multimedia slide presentations  that can be annotated with voice, webcam video, and text comments. Rapidly growing popular for use in higher education due to its quick and easy enrollment in free accounts, it is a powerful media aggregation tool for capturing group conversations revolving around an image, document, or video. Continue reading

Connected Educator’s Month: Free Webinars for Faculty

Throughout the month of August, the U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educators initiative will be providing opportunities for educators to participate in free webinars, forums, and other activities to learn about using technologies and strategies that enhance your teaching skills and improve student engagement in learning.   Continue reading

Faculty Minute – Introducing VoiceThread with Myra George

In this month’s Faculty Minute segment, MATC English instructor Myra George speaks about using VoiceThread as an alternative to the traditional text-based discussion board. VoiceThread is a free, online tool for creating multimedia slide-shows that include viewer comments in text, audio, and video format. It is a great tool to facilitate discussion centered around an image. Because the instructor and students can see and hear each others comments, it can be used to develop a sense of community and improve engagement in learning in online courses.

To learn more about VoiceThread, please see these resources:

How I Use VoiceThread for Group Discussions

Popular for its use in higher education, VoiceThread (VT) is a powerful Web-based tool for capturing group conversations revolving around an image, document, or video. Similar to how a conversation in a traditional discussion board forum is composed of threads, VoiceThread is the combination of the media slides and the comments that viewers of the slideshow have added to them. What is unique about VoiceThread is that comments can be text-based, or recordings of audio or webcam video. This can make an online group discussion a more visual, socially interactive event. Continue reading