Viewing SCORM Content in Blackboard



 In Blackboard, faculty can upload SCORM Content into their course. SCORM refers to a set of technical standards that enable organizations to continue to use and reuse courseware [learning objects] even when computer technologies and operating systems change. Blackboard adheres to these standards [SCORM] making it SCORM-compliant. If you are or plan to in the near future upload SCORM Content (package) to your Blackboard course site please make note of the following:

Browser Settings (viewing SCORM content in Blackboard)

  • Internet Explorer version 9 or higher (recommend 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox version 16 or higher (recommend 20)
  • Google Chrome version 29
  • Adobe Flash Player 10

Disable all pop-up blockers:

  1. Internet Explorer>Tools>Pop-up Blocker>Turn off Pop-up Blocker
  2. Google Chrome>Customize and Control Google Chrome button (upper right corner of window (below X))>Settings>may need to click Show advanced settings…>Privacy>click Content Settings>Scroll down under Pop-Up>select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
  3. Mozilla Firefox>Tools>Options>Content>No check mark in box that reads Block Pop-Up Windows or click Exceptions button and type in Address of site text box and click Allow button.