Skype in the Classroom

3 Instructor Resources for Using Skype

Engaging Student Learning Web 2.0 Tools

Skype in the ClassroomSynchronous methods of communication, where the instructor can converse with students in real-time, more closely reflect the quality of interpersonal instruction experienced in a traditional classroom.  One particular tool that instructors can use towards this purpose is Skype.  Skype is a software application that is used to make voice and video calls through one’s computer, Web-camera, and Internet connection.  Because the software is free to download and there is no charge to make calls, more and more instructors have found beneficial ways to include Skype in the classroom.

Instructors and students often use Skype to conduct virtual meetings when they want to facilitate information sharing, collaboration, and community-building.  It can also be used to meet with students one-on-one for interviews or focused assistance.

To learn more about using  Skype, we recommend reviewing the following resources: