Become an Expert Google Searcher in an Hour

Teaching with Technology Today Training and Webinars

Do you want to learn to use the Google search engine to find more relevant information quicker and easier?  Faculty and staff may view this FREE one-hour webinar by O’Reilly Media in the Faculty Innovation Center on November 14th.   You will learn:

  • How to cut through search results clutter with Boolean logic, exact phrase matching, wildcards, and search operators.
  • How to cast a wider net by expanding your search to include synonyms with the ~ (tilde) operator.
  • How to conduct specialized searches using Google’s many search sites like Google News, Google Groups, and Google Blog Search.
  • How to use the Google search box as a calculator, measurement converter, dictionary, street map, atlas, stock ticker, and more!

If you cannot come to the Faculty Innovation Center to view the webinar,  you may request the event registration link to access the webinar on your own computer at the appointed time.

Become an Expert Google Searcher in an Hour (Webinar)
November 14th, 2013  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Central Time)
Milwaukee Campus – Faculty Innovation Center – Room M201A