Reminder – All Instructional Videos Must Have Closed Captions

Per MATC’s Closed Caption Policy, faculty who provide instructional videos to students must ensure that they are accompanied by closed captions that describe the video’s content. Closed captions are required by law and are beneficial for all learners. See this resource guide to support your efforts towards satisfying this requirement. Remember – NBC Learn and Films on […]

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Integrating Video with Classroom Instruction

When integrated with classroom instruction and learning activities, video can be a valuable resource. Video can stimulate a learner’s motivation through gathering attention and establishing relevance to one’s interests. Students may be more engaged, independent, and prepared for assessments in their courses when they have access to instructional videos for frequent or just-in-time review. Furthermore, the Universal […]

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Getting Started with Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based instructional design framework for creating a flexible learning environment optimized to meet the needs of a diverse student population. UDL’s purpose is to minimize barriers and maximize learning opportunities for all students through three principles: (1) providing multiple means of engagement, (2) providing multiple means of representation, and (3) providing […]

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Video Accessibility Resources

Per Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Quality Matters best practices for instruction, faculty who provide instructional videos to students must provide them with closed captions or text transcripts of the video’s content.  What are Closed Captions and Transcripts? Closed captions are synced text subtitles that represent all speech and sounds occurring […]

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Sources of Free Images to Support Learning

Including relevant or engaging imagery in lesson plans can capture learner interest. According to Universal Design for Learning guidelines, images can also be used to represent information through multiple means that support perception and comprehension. To help faculty find free, high-quality images to incorporate with instructional media, see these resources. 18 Free Image Sites and […]

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