Karen Gaskin

FA2013 Instructional Support Hours

Blackboard Teaching with Technology Today

The Teaching and Learning Technology department provides peer-to-peer support to assist you with Blackboard and online technology. Visit these Instructional Support representatives in your campus’s  Faculty Resource Center or contact them directly for one-on-one assistance.

Milwaukee Campus

Karen Gaskin – School of Pre-College Education
gaskink@matc.edu ext. 78160
Milwaukee Campus – Room M201 (FIC)
Availability: Fridays 9 AM – 12 PM; and by appointment

Mernathan Sykes – School of Pre-College Education
sykesm@matc.edu ext. 76890
Milwaukee Campus – Room M201 (FIC)
Availability: Wednesdays & Thursdays 10 AM – 12 PM; and by appointment.

Mequon Campus

Stephanie McKennie – School of Health Sciences
mckennis@matc.edu ext. 84119
North Campus – B222 (FRC)
Availability: Mondays 9 -10 AM; Wednesdays 7-9 AM; and by appointment.

Oak Creek Campus

Phil Leverault – School of Technology & Applied Sciences
leveraup@matc.edu ext. 76510
South Campus – Room A206 (FRC)
Availability: Tuesdays 11 AM – 1PM; Thursdays 1 – 3 PM; and by appointment

West Allis Campus

Philip Chmielewski – School of Business
chmielep@matc.edu ext. 54755
West Campus – Room 350 (FRC)
Availability: Tuesdays 2:30 PM – 5 PM; and by appointment