Motivating and Assessing Learning through Games

Engaging Student Learning Web 2.0 Tools

Game-based learning is the use of instructional games to give students low-stakes opportunities to practice knowledge or skill and receive feedback in an engaging format. A well-designed game can be an effective alternative to using tests or quizzes to check for understanding. Games that situate learning within a realistic context through simulation and storytelling can help make concepts relevant to students. Games can also tap into student motivation by presenting challenges, choices, and instant feedback. There are several tools faculty can use to add gamified formative assessments or learning activities to one’s teaching practice.

  • Flippity– Free templates for creating web-based and printable activities using Google Apps.
  • Kahoot– Free tool for creating a competitive quiz game for face-to-face courses.
  • Muzzy Lane Author– Free tool for creating simulation games with rich feedback.
  • Quia– A licensed tool that faculty can use to create educational games, activities, and online flashcards.
  • WISC Online Game Builder– Sign up for a free WISC Online account to create a variety of online games using templates.

To learn more about using games to support learning, see these resources.