How to Get Started with Facebook

Teaching with Technology Today

Example Facebook PageAccording to recent estimates, over 80% of of all US college students access Facebook every day.  Because it is completely Web-based, it can be accessed on just about any standard desktop computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and browser. Since it is free to use, flexible, and widely used by students, it is only natural that faculty may be curious as to how this popular tool can be applied properly towards education. Like a discussion board, Facebook can be used to share information with others through creating posts. Similar to a Website, wiki, or blog, a Facebook group page can be used to curate course-relevant content and share information with others.  To learn more about using Facebook, check out these  tutorials and resources.

Creating a Facebook Account

Creating Your Facebook Profile

Finding Friends on Facebook

Sharing on Facebook

Understanding Your News Feed

How Can We Use Facebook in Education?

To help faculty learn more about using Facebook as a teaching and professional development tool, we’ve gathered a few resources to which you can use as a reference. Feel free to review these Websites to get familiar with how Facebook can be used in teaching and learning as well as how to get started with your own Facebook account.