Getting Started with SmarterProctoring to Secure Online Tests

Best Practices SmarterProctoring

MATC has purchased a license for SmarterProctoring, an online test management system that helps faculty deliver Blackboard exams through automated proctoring tools that discourage cheating. This tool replaces Respondus Lockdown Browser with a set of more robust tools to secure midterm and final exams taken on a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer. Faculty can customize an automated proctored session with options for recording the student, locking down the browser, and verifying student identity through photo-ID.  In addition to using this technology, we recommend that faculty review test design best practices to further deter cheating in online exams.

To learn more about this new tool, see our Faculty Guide to SmarterProctoring and Student Guide to SmarterProctoring. Video demonstrations of using the product with MATC’s Blackboard LMS are provided below.

Protecting a Test with SmarterProctoring

How a Student Completes a Test with SmarterProctoring