Example YuJa Video Editor Screen

Getting Started with the YuJa Video Platform

Lecture Capture & Closed Captioning Multimedia Technology

Because Techsmith Knowmia will be sunset, MATC has purchased a site license to the YuJa Video Platform to provide faculty and students a tool for recording and sharing videos. YuJa provides web-based tools for screen-recording, automated speech-to-text closed-captioning, quizzing, and more. Videos in YuJa can be integrated with courses in Blackboard or shared through links. This tool replaces Techsmith Knowmia and provides the same functionality with additional web-based video editor capabilities. To learn more about using the YuJa Video Platform, see the embedded video below and linked resources.


Where to Find Support

For assistance with a technical problem, contact support@yuja.com or call 1-888-257-2278. See the YuJa Help Center to view helpful tutorials and FAQs. For questions about basic tasks, contact onlinelearning@matc.edu.