How to Add a YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2007

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PowerPoin  presentations that incorporate a balanced blend of text, graphics, and audio-video components are often more effective at communicating information to students than primarily text-based presentations alone. Attaching a video from a file to a PowerPoint presentation and playing it successfully can oftentimes be a challenge due to unsupported video formats or broken links to movie files. Embedding a YouTube video is the easiest approach to adding video to a PowerPoint, especially if you are sure that the environment in which you will access the PowerPoint has Internet connectivity.

The following instructions assume you are using MS PowerPoint 2007.

Step One: Enable Developer Ribbon

  1. First, open the PowerPoint program. When it opens, click the Office Button. In the menu that appears, select PowerPoint Options.
  2. In the PowerPoint Options window that appears, make sure that the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon option is check-marked. Click OK to exit the Options window. We will be using this Developer tab in Step Three.

Step Two: Copy a YouTube Video Address

  1. If you have PowerPoint open, minimize the program window and open a Web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Go to YouTube, and search for your video. Once you have found the video you would like to embed in your Presentation, use your mouse to copy the video’s URL from the browser’s address bar.
    Please note: Be sure to copy the URL that appears when the video is playing in the browser, not the shortened URL that appears in the video’s sharing options.

Step Three: Embed the Video in PowerPoint

  1. Return to your PowerPoint presentation. Click the Developer tab and then select the More Controls
  2. A More Controls window will appear. Scroll down the list to find and select Shockwave Flash Object.  Then click Ok.
  3. Your mouse cursor will turn into a cross-hair symbol, which you will use to add a shockwave object to the page. Click and drag your mouse to draw a rectangle on your slide. Release your mouse when done.
  4. A white rectangle will be added to your slide. Right-click your mouse on the rectangle. In the context-menu that appears, select Properties.
  5. In the Properties window that appears, scroll down and find the Movie property. In the blank space next to this property, paste the URL you copied from YouTube.
  6. We are almost done. In the Movie field, look for the part of the URL that says “/watch?v= “.   Remove “watch?”  from the URL.  Replace the “=” symbol that comes after the “v” with a forward  slash (/) (see image below).
  7. Close the Properties window and save your work. When you launch your PowerPoint presentation in slideshow view, the YouTube video will appear on your slide.