How to Add Audio Files to Your Course and Maintain a Manageable Course Size


PodcastsIncorporating audio or video files into your Blackboard course’s content can very beneficial to your student’s engagement in the learning process.  But adding  multimedia files directly to your course’s content collection has consequences for your course’s overall file size.  For example, in order to archive a Blackboard course successfully, the course must be under 250 MB in size.  Luckily, there is a technique you can try to provide your media files to your students  and still maintain a sustainable course size.

Discover Your Personal Content Collection in Blackboard

Did you know you have your own personal online storage space in Blackboard? When you are logged into Blackboard, click the “Content Collection” tab at the top of the page.  Your personal Content Collection is a space where you can upload and organize files that you can link to in your Blackboard courses.

By default, the content collection is set to store 20 MB worth of files, but the file-size quota can be increased to meet your needs by contacting a Blackboard administrator. Storing your audio  files in your personal Content Collection and linking to them in your course will help keep the course’s file size down.

Step One: Adding a File to Your Content Collection

  1. Click the “Content Collection” button at the top of the Blackboard page.The Content Collection Button in Blackboard
  2. You will be taken to a page called “My Content”. Please note that your COSMO  ID number will appear on this page to indicate it is your personal collection.    To upload a file here, roll your mouse over the “Upload” button and select “Upload Files“.
    Blackboard Content Collection - Upload File
  3. On the “Upload” page, select the “Single File” option at the top of the page. Then, click the “Choose File” button to browse for and select your audio file. Content Collection - Uploading a Single File
  4. Once your file is attached on the “Upload” page, click “Submit“. Content Collection - Uploading the File
  5. The file will be added to your personal content collection.  A Successful Upload

Step Two:  Linking the File to Your Course

One you have an audio file added to your personal Content Collection, you can  add it to a Blackboard course by creating a link to the file.  Because the files are stored outside of the Blackboard course, the course’s file size is not effected.

  1. In a Blackboard content area, roll your mouse over the “Build” button and select “Audio” from the list of options.
    Select "Audio" from the Build menu
  2. On the “Create Audio” page, click the “Browse Content Collection” button.
    Create Audio - Browse Content Collection
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Click “My Content” to go to your personal content collection. Next, select the radio button next to the file you want to select and click “Submit“.
    Go to "My Content", select file.
  4. You will be taken back to the “Create Audio” page and will see the file has been selected. Give the file a name. You may also indicate your playback and accessibility preferences. When done,  click “Submit“.
    Name File and Submit
  5. The audio will be linked to your course and displayed in its  own playback device.
    Finished Audio player