Google Forms as Formative Assessments

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MATC instructors can use Google forms, a component of the Google Docs suite of applications, to create  online surveys  to collect feedback from students.   If you create Google forms that use multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank format questions, you can easily transform your Google form into an online formative assessment using a free script called Flubaroo.  To learn more about Flubaroo, its features, and how it can be used in your class, please watch Google’s EduOnAir Google+ Hangout called “Flubaroo and Apps Scripts“.

2 thoughts on “Google Forms as Formative Assessments

  1. Thanks Megan, I already have most of my quizzes in Blackboard but do all my surveys in Google Docs so I am sure I will find a use for this. I just ran into one problem:
    – When I went to install Flubaroo, it was not listed in the Education category for some reason. (On my computer anyway) but I did a search for scripts and found it that way. Just learning about scripts was a great eye-opener!

    1. You are welcome, Dave. Flubaroo seems like it would a really good tool for creating “exit tickets” to assess student comprehension after a lesson. I really like how the script generates statistics and identifies questions where less than 60% of students answered correctly. There is so much to learn about Google Apps, but also so much potential for enhancing instruction.

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