Important Blackboard News – August 19th, 2020


Faculty – please be aware of the following changes to Blackboard this fall semester. If you have questions about these changes, please contact

Finding Sections and Making them Available

The automated process that pushes courses to Blackboard now includes section start-dates.

  • To find your fall sections when you are logged into Blackboard’s Courses page, either set the term at the top of the page to “Fall – 2020” or navigate to the “Upcoming Courses” section; see the Guide to Searching the Courses Page for details.  
  • Students will see their courses in Blackboard by the assigned start-dates, but faculty may make their sections available to students earlier if desired. Please see the Managing Course Availability Tutorial to review how this is done.

Cross-Listed Sections

Sections that are cross-listed in INFOnline will be issued a single course shell in Blackboard in which faculty will deliver instruction to students enrolled in the cross-listed grouping. You may identify a cross-listed section in Blackboard by examining its course ID and name. A cross-listed shell will have an “XL” appended to the end of its course ID and its name will list all of the sections in the cross-listed grouping. Students enrolled in the cross-listed sections will be added to the single semester shell.

Course ID Course Name
FA2021-ACCTG-142-800-XL Payroll Accounting (ACCTG-142-800, ACCTG-143-800)

Fall Course Sections Have Released with a New Course Template

To help faculty satisfy the minimum requirements for using Blackboard in all course sections as defined in the Faculty Appendix (p.143) and to support our students, all FA2021 semester course shells will be issued with a new basic course design template. Designed through the collaboration between the Online Learning Department and Center for Teaching Excellence, this template contains scaffolded instructions and links to support efficient course development. See our Master Template 2020 Slideshow for a visual overview of what the template contains and how you may use it.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Discontinued

As of Monday, August 31st, 2020, Respondus Lockdown Browser will no longer be available for classroom, lab, or home use due to incompatibilities with college-supported technology. The college will be purchasing an online test proctoring product soon. If you have protected tests using Respondus Lockdown Browser, please remove the protections. The tool will be turned off system-wide on August 31st.