How to Make an External Link Button in Your Blackboard Course

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Instructors can add a button to their course’s navigation menu that links to a Website on the Internet. This is oftentimes useful for providing students with an easy-to-find link to a resource that exists outside of the Blackboard system. You can add an external link to your course through this process:

  1. First, you need to get the URL address of the Website to which you would like to link. We recommend opening the Webpage in your browser and copying the full contents of your address bar. This will ensure you have the full and accurate address of the Web page.
    Copy the Webpage's URL
  2. Next, navigate to your Blackboard course. With your course’s Edit Mode turned on, roll your mouse over the blue plus button that appears over your course menu.  Select Create External Link from the pop-up menu.Creating an External Link
  3. In the pop-up form that appears, give your link a name and paste the Web address of the Website in the URL text field. Make sure no extra spaces are included at the end of the address.  Check the “Available to Users” checkbox and click Submit to add the external link button to your menu.External Link Form
  4. The button will be added to course’s menu. When a student clicks on the button, the Website will open in a frame within the Blackboard Website, like so:External Link Button is Added to Menu

Optional Step: Avoid Browser Issues by Making the Link Open in a New Window

To help students avoid browser related difficulties when trying to open a Webpage you have linked to in Blackboard, it is a best practice to make one small adjustment to your External Link button that makes the Webpage open in its own browser window.

  1. With Edit Mode on, click on the gray double-down arrow on the far right edge of your link button.
  2. In the context menu that appears, select “Set Link to Open in New Window“.Make Link Open in New Window to Avoid Browser Issues

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