MATC Syllabus Templates


All faculty must provide a digital copy of a syllabus to students in each course section in Blackboard. The Center for Teaching Excellence maintains a set of syllabus templates in Google Docs for all faculty to use. Because the templates are maintained through Google Docs, they will always be the latest version available. You may download a template as a Word File or copy a template into Google Docs for customization. Click on the links to view the templates and their last edit dates.

Converting a Google Doc to a Downloadable Word Document

Sharing Your Syllabus

Faculty may upload or share a link to a syllabus file in their Blackboard courses by following these instructions.

Additional Resources

The following policy and support resource documents are linked in every newly issued semester course shell in Blackboard on the Syllabus page. If you mistakenly deleted these links, you may recreate them by Sharing A Web Link.