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Mobile Apps for February 2013

Mobile Apps

Check out these apps for learning in the health sciences and technology fields as well as accessing Gmail on mobile: Body Systems Anatomy Quiz, Convert Any Unit, and Gmail.

Get the Body Systems Anatomy Quiz App HereGet the Convert Any Unit App HereGet the Gmail App Here

Available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, the free 3D Body Systems Anatomy Quiz app is a great tool for reviewing and identifying components of the Cardiovascular, Nervous, Urogenital, and Digestive systems.  Each quiz consists of a random set of 20 multiple-choice questions paired with a 3D image that highlights a specific anatomical part to identify.  The user can customize his or her quiz by selecting a question difficulty and compete against a timer.

The Convert Any Unit Free app makes it easy to convert formats of ma thematic and technical units of measurement as well as a variety of currencies. Conversion is as easy as typing the unit you want to convert and picking a unit from the app’s suggested units.

The free, official Gmail app is available for Apple and Android devices. Get your email instantly via push notifications, read and respond to your conversations online & offline, and search and find any email.  The app integrates with Google Calendar and G+, allowing you to respond to invitations and posts directly from within Gmail.