Mobile Apps for June 2012

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Check out these great apps for adding new functionality to your mobile devices. This month, we have some social media, social learning, and student response system tools for you to check out: Twitpic, Xplana, and Socrative.

Created by Twitter, for Twitter, the Twitpic website and iPhone app allow you to share videos and photographs with your Twitter followers. Twitpic even comes with easy-to-use photo enhancement tools and filters for on-the-fly photo editing. The Twitpic app is a great tool for instantly sharing images and videos shot with a mobile device. Educators can use Twitpic to post visual content for their Twitter-using students to promote discussion and information sharing beyond the classroom.

Xplana is a free social learning platform that students can use to create and share study materials on the go, turning their mobile devices into a powerful learning tool. Students can use Xplana to create and organize flashcards, videos, notes and more in a single convenient place, then share them with a study group. Xplana resources can also be shared with friends and classmates through integrations with Facebook and Twitter. The Xplana app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

You may have heard of iClickers, but have you heard of Socrative? Socrative is a free Web-based student response system that can be accessed via smartphones, laptops, and tablets, as well as traditional desktop computers. After you create your free Socrative teacher account, you will be assigned a Virtual Classroom where you can begin creating polls and quiz-games to share with students. When you are ready to start polling, share your Virtual Classroom’s Room Number with your students. Students join the Virtual Classroom using this number and the student login link on the Socrative Website or mobile app. You can control access to your activities as well as download Excel files to document and review your student’s polling results.