Mobile Apps for May

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Check out these great apps for adding new functionality to your mobile devices. This month, we have some great study-resource apps and the latest and greatest from Google: Khan Academy for iPad, gFlash+, and Google Drive.

A must have study tool for any college student, the official Khan Academy app gives students and instructors access to over 2,700 academic tutorial videos on their iPads. Videos are available for viewing and free download on such topics as: Algebra, Calculus, Biology, History, Art, Economics, and more. No login or membership is required to access these resources, but if you create a Khan Academy account, you will gain access to its interactive exercises and will be able to track your performance. An unofficial version of this app for iPhone and Android devices is also available.

gFlash+ is one of the top free flash-card making apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. You can create your own flash cards directly within the app of create cards by uploading a Google Docs Spreadsheet to the app. gFlash+ flash-cards support multiple-choice questions, multi-sided flash cards, zoomable images, audio, and video. You can even track your performance when reviewing the cards. There is no limit to the amount of flash-cards or flash-card decks you can create. Additional features, such as premium flash cards from McGraw-Hill and Wiley, can be purchased from within the app.

Google Drive is Google’s newest service, a virtual space for you to save and share your documents, photos, videos, and other files. By having a Google Docs account and signing up for the free Drive service, you instantly gain access to 5 Gigabytes of storage space. Additional space can be purchased for a low monthly rate. This can be a great solution for sharing large files that cannot be shared through e-mail or posted in Blackboard due to file-size limits. All you would do is simply upload the file to your Google Drive and customize the file “Share” settings so that anyone given the URL link to the file can access it. Download the Google Drive app to your computer and mobile devices to easily access and share files anytime, anywhere. To learn more about what Google Drive can do, read this great article by Site Point.