Online Campus News You Can Use – Special June 2022 Announcements

Blackboard Online Campus News You Can Use

The following important announcements are meant to inform you of changes to Blackboard features that take effect immediately for Summer 2022.

Faculty and Students Can Use the YuJa Video Platform to Host Video Files

Faculty should no longer upload video and audio files directly to Blackboard as file attachments, as this means of sharing lacks closed captioning and adds strain to Blackboard’s contractual storage limits. Upload video and audio files to the YuJa Video Platform to ensure that videos are closed captioned per college requirements. Videos in YuJa can be shared with students in Blackboard as links or embedded videos, ensuring ease of access.

In support of mobile learning and assessment, students may install the YuJa app on a mobile device to record a video and share the video in an assignment submission.

Because Blackboard eventually deletes Collaborate Ultra recordings within one year of creation, we strongly advise faculty who want to preserve a recorded session by downloading the recording’s video file and uploading it to YuJa through these instructions.

Blackboard’s Maximum Individual File Upload Size Limit is 2.5 GB

Faculty and students can upload individual files or documents up to 2.5 GB (2500 MB) in size in Blackboard. Files that exceed this limit will bring about an Upload Error pop-up message that advises the user to share the file through cloud storage solutions, such as Google Drive or the YuJa Video Platform. This new feature is meant to improve the user experience, as large files are oftentimes difficult for students to access and can pose additional technical challenges to the system.

This file size limit warning does not apply to course package import or copy requests. However, attempting to import archive or export package files in excess of 2.5 GB may bring about technical issues or errors. As a best practice, we recommend reviewing a course’s Content Collection to remove any duplicate or unused files to bring a course’s estimated file size down.

Screenshot of an example Upload Error when a user attempts to upload a file larger than 2.5 GB.
Example of an Upload Error Message When an Attached or Embedded File Exceeds 2.5 GB

Submit Grades through Self-Service this Summer

To ensure that grades are submitted on time and with accuracy, faculty can submit final grades in Self-Service directly through these instructions. The Ellucian’s ILP Integration grade submittal tool in Blackboard will be undergoing a maintenance update this summer to address a technical issue.