Lecture Videos with PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 Converts Slides into Video

Multimedia Technology

Lecture Videos with PowerPoint 2010In September, we told you how you can turn your PowerPoint 2007 slides into lecture capture videos using Windows Movie Maker.  However, if you have PowerPoint 2010, you can turn your narrated and timed PowerPoint slides into videos directly within the program!  To learn more, see this great online tutorial or watch the video below.

How to Share Your Video

Once your PowerPoint has been saved as a .WMV movie file, it can be shared with your students in a couple ways that do not impact the overall file-size of your course. For example you could  upload your video to YouTube and share the video by URL Web address link or embedded video player. Uploading your videos to YouTube provides the added benefit that students will be able to view your video online using any computer device. YouTube will automatically serve a student a format of your video that is compatible with his or her technology. Or, you can have your .WMV format video uploaded to Teaching and Learning Technology’s streaming media server.  Once this is done, you will be given a URL Web address link to the video that you can share in your course.  Students accessing the video through the link  must have a version of Windows Media Player or the Windows Media Player browser plugin installed on their computer.