Knowmia and YuJa Icons

Preparation for Migration to the YuJa Video Platform

Multimedia Technology

In preparation for our college’s migration from TechSmith Knowmia to the new YuJa Video Platform by the end of July 2021, we ask that faculty and students stop creating new video content on TechSmith Knowmia by Friday, July 16th. You may continue to use videos already present in Techsmith Knowmia to facilitate instruction in summer courses, but do not create or upload new content past this date.

New content created in TechSmith Knowmia after Friday, July 16th will not be included in the migration to YuJa.

If you need to create new video content after July 16th, 2021, begin using YuJa through Blackboard. See our YuJa First-Time Guide for details. Faculty training on YuJa will be available; see the YuJa Training Schedule schedule for upcoming sessions.