8 Resources for Using Flipped Classrooms

Engaging Student Learning Multimedia Technology

“Flipped Classroom” is one of the buzzwords of the 21st Century teacher, but what does it really mean?  The term describes a teaching model where the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.  It is oftentimes associated with blended classrooms and active learning.

In a flipped class, the instructor creates or curates a collection of high-quality audio-visual lecture materials for students to check outside of class. The students review the information in the lecture materials at their own pace to prepare for higher-level learning activities in class. During class time, the instructor guides students through active, collaborative activities where the information students reviewed in the online lectures is analyzed, evaluated, and used to create meaning or new information.

Although this model has much potential for improving learning outcomes by addressing the multiple modalities through which students learn, flipped classrooms take real planning to carry out effectively. To learn more about this popular teaching model, and if it is right for your students, we recommend reviewing the following resources.