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Sources of Free Images to Support Learning

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Including relevant or engaging imagery in lesson plans can capture learner interest. According to Universal Design for Learning guidelines, images can also be used to represent information through multiple means that support perception and comprehension. To help faculty find free, high-quality images to incorporate with instructional media, see these resources.

Best Practices for Using Images

Any discussion about instructional media would not be complete without mention of copyright and accessibility best practices.


When sourcing imagery from the web, always check an image’s copyright information to ensure that you follow the image’s terms of use. Most free-to-use images will be available under a Creative Commons license or Public Domain. When using an image provided under an open license, always include an attribution citation that gives the original author credit.


Where images communicate information visually, it is important to include a title and short description so that students with visual disabilities can access the information the image conveys. You may provide a caption, transcript, or configure an image’s alternative text in Blackboard. More information about choosing and sharing accessible images is available here.

Blackboard Screenshot
A screenshot image of Blackboard’s image editor, displaying fields for entering alternative text that describes the image.