How Does Technology Help Students?

Using technology judiciously in your online, blended, and face-to-face classes can facilitate communication and student engagement in learning.  To learn more about the technologies students use and how they use them to support their learning, check out this excellent infographic based on EDUCAUSE’s Annual Study of Students and IT for 2012.  Over 195 institutions and […]

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What is a Flipped Classroom?

In a flipped classroom, the typical order of teaching is reversed. Students review lecture content outside the classroom using technologies, such as lecture capture video or podcasts, and class time is used for active learning activities. To learn more, watch this excellent video from Penn State University.

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Getting Started with VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a Web-based program  that can be used to create multimedia slide presentations  that can be annotated with voice, webcam video, and text comments. Rapidly growing popular for use in higher education due to its quick and easy enrollment in free accounts, it is a powerful media aggregation tool for capturing group conversations revolving […]

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How to Add Audio Files to Your Course and Maintain a Manageable Course Size

Incorporating audio or video files into your Blackboard course’s content can very beneficial to your student’s engagement in the learning process.  But adding  multimedia files directly to your course’s content collection has consequences for your course’s overall file size.  For example, in order to archive a Blackboard course successfully, the course must be under 250 […]

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Recording Audio

How to Record a Lecture as a Podcast Episode

Adding audio clips, known as podcast episodes, to your course is a great way  of providing your online students with on-demand lecture content. They are relatively easy to produce and can benefit both the student and instructor.   For example, Podcasts are great for promoting self-paced learning. In this month’s “How To” I will walk you […]

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