Technologies for English Language Arts Curriculum

Engaging Student Learning Web 2.0 Tools

Finding technology to support teaching and learning within a specific content area can be challenging. This article highlights several resources appropriate for English Language Arts classroom curriculum.

Ginger Proofreading Tools

Ginger Proofreader is said to be the most thorough proofreading tool, being able to detect errors in spelling, grammar, and contextual word use in 60 languages. Ginger also includes a tool called The English Personal Trainer, which provides individualized training exercises to strengthen weak areas. Both tools are free to download and use, but premium versions are available with a license.


PaperRater is another free proofreading tool that students can use to check their writing’s mechanics, style, readability, and originality. Automated proofreading tools can be valuable sources of support when learning to communicate effectively in writing. Such tools can be used to help students self-assess errors and make improvements.

Journal Apps, Online Diaries, and Digital Scrapbooks

Common Sense Media has created a curated list of apps that can be used by students to facilitate reading, writing, and communicating through multimedia in English Language Arts. Apps include tools for blogging, bookmaking, video production, cartooning, collages, mind-mapping, and discussion.

Plagiarism Resources

Instructors who teach English Language Arts oftentimes ask for tools to help students understand plagiarism and to cite resources correctly. This resource lists instructional resources and tools to help students avoid committing plagiarism.

For All Rubrics

For All Rubrics is a free tool for creating custom grading rubrics that can be printed, downloaded, or shared by links with students. A rubric can be a great learning and evaluation tool. A well-written rubric can standardizeĀ the grading process, but also provide concrete examples of expert performance to guide students. Consider creating rubrics for self-peer assessment activities.


Zoterobib is a free online citation and bibliography generator that covers 9,000 style formats. Citations and bibliographies can be customized to correct errors and copied/pasted into other documents. Bibliographies can also be shared as links.