What Faculty Can Do to Support Student Success through Blackboard

Blackboard Engaging Student Learning

All semester classes are given a course shell in Blackboard through an automated process that starts with Course Scheduling and INFOnline. At minimum, all faculty are required to upload a syllabus to each course section in Blackboard and make courses available to students. However, we strongly recommend that all faculty use the following instructional strategies and tools in Blackboard to support students across learning environments.

Post Handouts and Resources in Blackboard

Use content tools to go paperless, share open educational resources to supplement learning, and support student access to instructional content anytime, anyplace! Content tools include Items, Files, Weblinks, Content Areas, and Content Folders.

Use Communication Tools to Regularly Contact Students

Use Blackboard’s Announcement and Email tools to send weekly updates, reminders, or other notifications to help learners stay on track. Use the Discussion Board to foster a community of inquiry and open communication. For example, consider creating a “homework questions” forum for students to contact you or collaborate with classmates.

Engage Learners through Multimedia

Use the YouTube and NBC Learn mashup tools to supplement lessons with video examples that motivate learning. These resources enable faculty to integrate video with classroom curriculum. Potential uses for video to support classroom instruction include activating prior knowledge, providing remedial instruction, modeling expert performance, or creating opportunities for discussion.

Use Reflection and Collaboration Tools to Foster Deeper Learning

Use the Journal tool to create formative assessments that prompt learners to communicate their understanding or skill development through writing over time. Use the Wiki tool to facilitate group projects or to give students a means to represent shared knowledge.

Collect Assignments Digitally

Use the Assignment tool to allow students to submit assignment files in one centralized course location for easy record-keeping. An assignment in Blackboard can be configured to evaluate student works for plagiarism and seamlessly integrate with tools for providing assignment grade feedback to students.

Post Attendance and Grade throughout the Semester

Students want to be able to monitor their progress and performance in their courses at any point in time. Collect attendance in Blackboard and use the Grade Center to provide constructive feedback that helps students grow.  Students can view their personal grade feedback through the course’s My Grades tool.